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Grandmaster Hee Il Cho: 75 Years of Action

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Thank you for showing your interest in Action International Martial Arts Association (AIMAA) (click here to buy). It is our pleasure to give you brief details about the benefits and purpose of our innovative program. Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, 9th Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, has over 45 years of experience and currently continues to share his knowledge with martial artists all over the world. It is the vision of Grandmaster Cho to provide his teaching and philosophies for all martial artists seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills. This pioneering series allows you to train personally with Grandmaster Hee Il Cho.

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Video Summaries:

White Belt

White Belt: Beginner Level
"An Introduction to Tae Kwon Do."

Literally translated Tae means, "to kick" or "smash with the feet", Kwon means "to punch with the fists" and Do means "way" or "method". Thus Tae Kwon Do is a very personally interpreted as art of fighting with one's feet and fists.

Tae Kwon Do evolved from Tae Koan, an early form of Korean Martial Art, introduced into Korea in the 4th Century. It was not until the independence of Korea in 1945 that Tae Kwon Do reached its present level of development as the version of Tae Kwon Do we know today.

Culturally, Tae Kwon Do is a non-violent sport, contrary to what has been portrayed and dramatized in martial art movies. It is focused on an educational system devoted to training both mind and body. Great emphasis is placed on the development of the student's moral character and Tae Kwon Do's Aims to achieve which are: Modesty, Integrity, Self-control, Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit.

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Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt: Beginner Level
"Setting and Achieving a Goal."

This is the first level of achievement formally recognized and granted to the student for achieving a goal based upon a given curriculum. It is probably one of the most important primary acknowledgments in his/her long journey of development in the art of Tae Kwon Do. This is like a birthing period into a new world of thought, new terminology and formalities of conduct. In a purely physical sense, it is the beginning phase of processing new relationships of mind and body movement.

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Orange Belt Orange Belt: Beginner Level
"Consistency, repetition, and pledging of respect are necessary ingredients of the martial artist."

This is the critical period of time when the student starts to develop formative habits and character traits for martial arts as well as for his/her entire life. Lessons are learned about the foundation of a martial artist's character and the creed he/she must live by in order to develop and make improvements. Consistency of training habits, repetitive practices of thousands of techniques all require perseverance and commitments of time, energy and dedication from the student. Student learns how to appreciate his/her own accomplishments and to respect others for theirs. "Tae Kwon Do Aims to Achieve" and the "Tae Kwon Do Pledge" include, as part of the creed to live by, these traits along with goals to live honestly, courageously and with integrity. Consequently, the value of these formative learning experiences in Tae Kwon Do are, lessons learned about self improvement and what it takes to live productively with achievements.

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Green Belt
Green Belt: Intermediate Level
"The Understanding of Oneself."

Victory in Martial Arts is experiencing harmony of your own mind, body and spirit. The challenge of the Martial Art is for you to defeat your own limitations and compare yourself to none other than yourself. A Martial Art focuses on the development of an individual with emphasis on physical, spiritual, intellectual and competitive aspects. This distinguishes Martial Arts from a sport where the mere goal is victory by defeat.

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Blue Belt Blue Belt: Intermediate Level
"Honoring great persons or achievements in Korean history relates to us all."

Korea is a nation, which has faced hardships and has endured struggles, which all mankind can relate to. Such persons or achievements in Korean history memorialize the universality of this experience brought on by the forces of nature in each Tae Kwon Do pattern. It is the hope that by studying each meaning we will develop the admiration and inspiration to emulate these people and like events.

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Purple Belt Purple Belt: Intermediate Level
"Mistakes & achievements are each equal experiences gained from the past & are used as stepping stones to progress towards the future."

This is a significant level of accomplishment in Tae Kwon Do. Student has attained the intermediate level of acknowledgment in his/her chosen Martial Art. This is a time to reflect on accomplished goals and to reaffirm and move towards new and greater goals. A new resiliency takes place with the motivation to seek a higher plateau of learning and accomplishment.

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Brown Belt Brown Belt: Advanced Level
"Tae Kwon Do as a Martial Art requires a balance of physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual fundamentals of life."

You have achieved this level of development in Tae Kwon Do by concentrating on goals and certain commitments relative to these components. As you pursue training to an advanced level, never lose sight of the goal that true mastery is a balance of these fundamentals.

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Red Belt Red Belt: Advanced Level
"Taking a lesson from the past and carry the knowledge gained into the future provides wisdom."

Wisdom gained from experiences provides the spirit and courage to reaffirm goals and a revitalization of self-esteem and personal respect. Achieving the prestigious rank of Red Belt required traveling a very long journey encompassing courage and spirit. With the wisdom you have gained from this success you have learned that higher goals in Tae Kwon Do are achievable which will provide you with even greater esteem, self-respect and wisdom with accomplishment.

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1st Dan Black 1st Dan (Degree) Black Belt: Advanced Level
"The essence of martial arts is a union between the mind and body."

The dedication required to achieve this level of ranking is the culmination of years of practice demonstrated through physical and mental performance that you have learned the lessons and have developed insight into the art. Traits of humility and respect for yourself and others, which are so much a part of Martial Arts, are a part of your code of conduct and are as natural to you as the air you breath. Your confidence and concern for fair play is reflected in all your activities and most importantly, in your own self as a person and are respected for that.

Proceeding from this level requires great care and appreciation for you are beginning to embark on another journey. The tasks are difficult with many despairs that will taunt you and require much patience of you. But, if you are willing to make the effort and commit yourself, the rewards are limitless, more than you can really imagine this is a promise.

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2nd Dan Black 2nd Dan (Degree) Black Belt: Advanced Level
"Be responsible for your life, be prepared and you shall have no cause for regrets. With confidence replacing fear your destiny is what you want it to be. In the journey of Tae Kwon Do, perfection is our goal."

The start of this journey is the re-examination of the past and an introspective look at self. As individuals each walks a little different and used a different method to attain goals. As the fine artist searches for his/her best media and vocabulary of interpretation so does the martial artist. The musician uses the instrument he is most skilled to best express himself rather than the instrument he is least skilled with. Know yourself, the goals you wish to achieve, your personal limitations and the path you must take in your journey of perfection.

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3rd Dan Black 3rd Dan (Degree) Black Belt: Instructor Level
"The example of the way you live each day of your life in peace and harmony is an inspiration to others."

The martial artist who has achieved this level of ranking has learned about the rewards of self-discipline. He/she has learned that achievements of value take work, dedication and a self disciplined attitude to achieve lofty goals. This is a trait recognized in all aspects of life, however, because of the special mental and physical conditioning the martial artist must attain in order to achieve high ranking, this is a trait for which he/she is especially acclaimed. It is also learned trait that is inspirational to young and old alike. Achievements of goals are gratifying experiences to us all. When we learn that even greater goals are achievable ahead, we become more inspired in working towards achieving them. This experience provides the gratification from accomplishment, a sense of harmony from our new plateau within, and peace of mind knowing that we are capable of growing and improving.

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4th Dan Black Belt 4th Dan (Degree) Black Belt: Instructor Level
"Understand one of the martial arts most basic teachings that of the union between mind and body and you have the firm root of life within you, from which will continuously flourish strength, courage, love, peace and understanding. That is martial arts and martial arts is my way."

How we live each day of our life is rooted in our teachings and our learned behavior. Our individual lives and the judgments we make on a daily basis come from our teachings and feelings about ourselves within. A person acts according to his/her sense of courage, his/her capacity to love, his/her capacity to understand and his/her strength of commitment. One who has experienced its bliss and the fertility of its existence best understands a true sense of harmony. The associated relationship between life on the outside world and that inside the dojang (studio) should be the same. That is, whatever we strive to achieve outside the dojang, should be done with the same moral character and reverence that is practiced and learned inside the dojang. Your accomplishments have woven your strong fiber through the test of time. You have learned lessons about mental and physical endurance and as part of your accomplishments you have the sustenance needed to live life's unpredictable situations. Inherent in achievement is the responsibility to teach the spirit and inspiration of martial arts to others. This is the method and the meaning of "Do" in Tae Kwon Do.

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Home Study Informative Guide


Home Study Membership Application (PDF format)

AIMAA Student Membership Application (PDF format)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Overview of Benefits
3. General Information
I. Thank you for your Interest
II. Your Affiliation as a Member
III. How it Began
IV. Some of the Benefits
V. How do I follow the course
VI. Belt Testing, Advancement and Promotion
VII What to Expect
4. About the Creator and Producer, Grandmaster Cho
5. Grade Level Philosophies
6. How to Join
7. Additional Tapes
8. Practical Tae Kwon Do

Section 1

Thank you for showing your interest in Action International Martial Arts Association (AIMAA) HOME VIDEO STUDY PROGRAM. It is our pleasure to give you a brief detail about the benefits and purpose of our innovative program. Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, 9th Tae Kwon Do Black Belt has over 45 years of experience and currently continues to share his knowledge with martial artists all over the world. It is the vision of Grandmaster Cho to provide his teaching and philosophies for all martial artists seeking to further develop their knowledge and skills. This pioneering series allows you to train personally with Grandmaster Hee Il Cho.

Contained in this exciting instructional video series, Grandmaster Cho presents his new comprehensive system of Tae Kwon Do for all martial artists to learn from. The system and all techniques have been compiled personally by Grandmaster Hee Il Cho - this system is one-of-a-kind and its techniques cannot be found anywhere else! Each individual video is a complete guideline in which you can earn AIMAA rank recognition. The easy-to-follow format includes lessons taught for both ITF & WTF techniques and forms; techniques include basic blocks/attacks, kicks, foot movements, boxing, falling, self-defense, one-step sparring, and free sparring. All instruction is performed by world renowned Grandmaster Hee Il Cho in both slow and normal speeds. The video series is uniquely designed to enable instructor and student to both get the same training benefits, and at either the dojang (gym) or at home!

You can now train personally with Grandmaster Cho. Grandmaster Cho has dedicated his life to the art of Tae Kwon Do. He is a leading voice within the martial arts community and his achievements expand to far greater limits than any other single master. Grandmaster Cho, has individually produced over 64 instructional video titles, authored 11 books, founded the international organization AIMAA, appeared on hundreds of global magazine covers, been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the Tae Kwon Do Times Hall of Fame, starred in several action motion pictures, captured many national and international competition titles, and continues to train and teach every day. Grandmaster Cho could only accomplish such a vast amount of achievements by his true dedication to the promotion of Martial Arts. His most recent accomplishment is the production of the Home Study Video Library, which you can now follow and train directly with Grandmaster Hee Il Cho.

The new program is extremely exciting because there has never been before a method of training and becoming internationally rank certified by video. Any style Martial Artist can follow the course to learn and earn official AIMAA certification, which is respected and recognized throughout the world. As a member you are also welcome to train at our headquarters and any affiliated school. The production is of the highest quality and your videos can be referred to as an encyclopedia of the martial arts for now and generations to come.

Section 2
Overview of the Benefits

As a Home Study AIMAA Member you are entitled to the following benefits:
  • 120 Page AIMAA Student Handbook/Reference Manual (Can be ordered separately for ONLY $20)

    Association Grading Requirements
    Facts and History of Tae Kwon Do, AIMAA and Grandmaster Cho
    Training Tips and What to Expect
    Training Principles and Philosopy
    Tae Kwon Do Culture and Korean Terminology
    Affiliation Rules and Guidelines
    Goal Setting and Belt Advancement Requirements
    Step-by-Step Technique Listing for Each Belt Color/Grade Level (exactly as described in the series)
    One-Step Sparring and Self-Defense Technique Requirements
    Martial Art Ethics
    Health and Nutrition
  • 64 Page Full Color Action Catalog and Informative Guide (Can be ordered separately for ONLY $5 - price includes shipping!)

    The Action Catalog is also referred to as the "Action Informative Guide" because of its unique and extensive documentation with reference to the Martial Arts and Tae Kwon Do. The Action Catalog contains hundreds of full color photographs and enough information to serve as a reference text! Grandmaster Cho's intent is to educate and/or provide you with more detail of the various aspects to Tae Kwon Do and the Martial Arts in general. The Action Catalog is a tool that provides you with all the info and pictures necessary to make a purchase and study from!

  • Official AIMAA World Recognized Rank Testing and Certification!
  • Ten Days Per Year Training at any AIMAA Affiliated School and/or at the World Headquarters!
  • 25% Discount on all Action Martial Arts Supply Products!
  • Classic Action Poster of Grandmaster Hee Il Cho!
  • Personalized Action International Martial Arts Membership Card!
  • Front and Rear AIMAA Emblem Patches for Your Uniform!
  • Affiliated Associate AIMAA Emblem Pin!
  • Subscription to the Annual AIMAA Newsletter!
  • Open Channel of Direct Communication with Grandmaster Cho!
    The Student Handbook and Action Catalog combined will answer every question you might have pertaining to Tae Kwon Do and Martial Arts training. The cash value of your products as a member total to over $150.00! AIMAA International Rank Certification is recognized throughout the world and our association's service, knowledge, and the secrets to Grandmaster Hee Il Cho's 45 years experience is invaluable. Join now because the benefits of becoming a member offer you too much not to!

    Section 3
    General Information

    I. Thank you for your Interest in the Home Study Encyclopedia Series!

    Thank you again for your interest in our program. The new video series is truly unique and contains a vast amount of exciting footage. It has been the long time vision of Grandmaster Cho to be able to provide each student with the knowledge he has obtained through his own years of training. However, without the dedication and enthusiasm of students and practitioners such as yourself it would not be possible for this series to have been released. Grandmaster Cho and the student body members of AIMAA all extend our thanks to you. If there are any questions you may still have upon reading through this packet, please feel free to contact our headquarters at your convenience.

    II. Your Affiliation as a Member - Action International Martial Arts Association

    Once you enroll in the program you will be affiliated with the Action International Martial Arts Association. The Action International Martial Arts Association (A.I.M.A.A.) is an innovative and leading martial arts organization dedicated to serve as the unifying body for Tae Kwon Do and all Martial Arts styles. AIMAA was founded by Grandmaster Heel Il Cho in 1980 and has been steadily expanding in size, knowledge, and support ever since. AIMAA is a service-oriented organization, which has kept an open mind as to remain progressive with its incorporation of training techniques. It is not the intent of our organization to unite systems in terms of styles, however, to recognize each style for its unique qualities and to unite the great universal spirit of peace and harmony - the fundamental elements found in the studying of all styles of martial arts.

    AIMAA is an organization founded on the philosophy and principal of being able to provide as comprehensive and complete training structure as possible. Our organization provides and promotes seminars by Grandmaster Hee Il Cho and other senior representatives of the affiliation. AIMAA is a no politics organization dedicated to providing members a direct line of communication with its headquarters in order to best provide support to each individual school and student. AIMAA is an affiliation established for the support of its members and the betterment of Tae Kwon Do and the Martial Arts. Your ranking certification will be provided by AIMAA and validated by the personal signature of Grandmaster Cho.

    III. How it Began - The Home Study Encyclopedia

    Grandmaster Hee Il Cho has devoted his entire life to the martial arts. His passion for Tae Kwon Do has driven him to provide countless achievements to the martial arts community. In vision, Grandmaster Cho would like to spread his experience and teaching to as many as there are interested. In order to achieve this books and videos were needed to be made available.

    As head of the worldwide organization, AIMAA Grandmaster Cho found it necessary to develop a tool that would provide quality and uniformed training guidelines. These guidelines would be based on his own personal philosophies and over 45 years of training experience. With already so many videos and books available from Grandmaster Cho (video which in detail explains every topic and aspect of Tae Kwon Do training), what more could he produce that would be of value to you? The answer is a video curriculum, which is organized by belt grade level instead of by topic.

    Whether you are a white belt or a purple belt, you will be able to purchase the video or videos to train you at your level. This is what is so unique and exciting. The video series, as with all of Grandmaster Hee Il Cho's instructional products, were professionally recorded and edited. The production has all been directed, performed, and supervised by Grandmaster Cho personally.

    IV. Some of the Benefits

    Earn your official AIMAA ranking certificate recognized and signed personally by Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. Learn the techniques taught by Grandmaster Cho right in your own home. Every Tae Kwon Do stance, technique, kick, punch, hyung (form), & free-spar training is included in this video series - and each is recorded from different angles and at variable speeds. These videos can benefit any person no matter their style, age, or level!

    AIMAA Ranking Certification is recognized internationally and you may travel to any affiliated school to train as a member free of charge 10 days per year. Your membership to the home study program requires that you become an affiliated member and continue your training by the video's course structure. You will be able to submit your video grading to receive rank recognition up to Red Belt. 1st Dan grading must be conducted at the Headquarters or the closest local Regional Director's school. Inquire at the headquarters for more details.

    These videos will provide you with the tools to learn for the first time and/or also to improve your techniques as an already practicing martial artist. Don't forget that you are now also a member of AIMAA and are entitled to all the student benefits as such. If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact the Headquarters.

    V. How do I Follow the Course for Maximum Benefit?

    This is a simple question to answer. As a beginner you merely have to acquire the white belt video(s) and follow its course for an average of 3 to 6 hours per week. As an experienced practitioner you may acquire from white belt thru your own level and train at the level you have found to be the most productive and effective.

    Each video contains all the instruction necessary to learn fast and easy. All that is required is a small amount of space, your television, and a desire to learn!

    VI. Belt Testing, Advancement, and Promotion

    Belt Promotion and advancement are integral to your martial training. However, do not misunderstand the purpose. The belt system is not designed to represent "inferior" and/or "superior". The belt system provides recognition for time and achievement.

    Belt advancement provides goals, as well as a test in which feedback is provided from the Master and/or Instructors. Belt promotion provides motivation for you to continue enthusiastically throughout your training as a beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioner.

    To execute your skills to the best of your own ability and to display an overall sense of serenity while doing so is the supreme goal while being graded. Consistent grading provides an environment fundamental to the developing of your character as a martial artist.

    As a home video student you are also a member of AIMAA. Once you are a member your file is kept on record at the headquarters. You may submit video performances for testing every two months at the beginning level, every two to four months at the intermediate level, and every four to six months at the advanced level. By following this time guide Black Belt can be achieved within approximately 3 1/2 - 4 years. Your video performance must include all the required techniques of AIMAA (including free sparring). The time span will depend on your personal training devotion and the grades scored each testing. A specially selected committee from the AIMAA World Headquarters will view your video testing. In order to insure the level of membership quality, failure of examinations will be the result for unqualified applicants. When preparing to test make sure you are ready and have yourself recorded performing the requirements provided to you as a video student member.

    All Black Belt examinations must be held in person at our headquarters or an AIMAA sanctioned officer's location. No Black Belt Certification will be offered through video testing.

  • Become Affiliated AIMAA Home Video Member.
  • Purchase and study of your testing belt level and all preceding level tapes. (i.e. if you are testing for green belt you would need the videos: white, yellow, orange and green. This is to ensure that all AIMAA requirements are met.
  • Submit performance of required techniques as prescribed within the AIMAA Handbook (issued to all members).
  • Family groups may purchase one set of the videos for all with the same last name to be certified. (However, all family members being certified must individually become members of AIMAA.)
  • An AIMAA selected committee judges grading and Grandmaster Cho's signature of validation is awarded on all certificates issued.
  • Testing applications and rank certification fees required.
  • Testing fee ranching from $40.00 to $300.00 (Yellow to 1st Dan Black Belt)
    VII. What to Expect

    As a practitioner of Tae Kwon Do and the Martial Arts you can expect to enjoy many benefits of your training. By performing all the exercises required you would obviously increase your strength, flexibility, coordination, stamina, and agility. Through the course of your training you will heighten your focus and concentration while remaining calm under pressured situations. As your physical skills develop your self-confidence will peak, and therefore as a more confident person you can expect your attitude towards life to change for the better. But all of this will not come so easily¤Martial Art training is tough and you most certainly find yourself fighting injuries, soreness and your self-determination. If you choose to overcome these obstacles by the will of your own discipline your character, and most importantly, our spirit will have developed the strength of an indomitable fighter. Most important to remember is that you are training to be the champion yourself. Tae Kwon Do training is not to compare your self to others. - Expect and strive to be the best you can be.

    Section 4
    Grandmaster Hee Il Cho - The Creator & Producer

    Grandmaster Cho has put his 45 years of experience and knowledge into this new Home Study Library - Encyclopedic series. He has in his lifetime envisioned and produced many programs to spread his teaching and philosophy of a complete martial artist. Grandmaster Cho has kept an open mind to incorporate a comprehensive method of training and teaching within the martial arts. He remains loyal to the roots of Tae Kwon Do, however, constantly adapts to the changing demands of modern martial artists. The new Home Video series has been designed with the intention of its use as a martial arts encyclopedia. The system and all techniques have been compiled personally by Grandmaster Hee Il Cho - this system is one-of-a-kind and its techniques cannot be found anywhere else.

    The martial arts journey of Grandmaster Cho began at the young age of thirteen. He has continued his training with intensity ever since and has become involved with nearly ever aspect of the martial arts; he has served as the special forces instructor for the military services of Korean and India, chosen to represent Korea on the national demonstration team, competed with victory in many martial arts competitions throughout Korea and the United States, promoted his own national tournaments, founded the international organization AIMAA, cross-trained in various other styles (including boxing), produced 64 videos, authored 11 books, written & contributed to hundreds of international martial arts magazines, been inducted into the Black Belt & Tae Kwon Do Times Hall of Fame, and has continued training and teaching at his own school - the Action International Martial Arts Association World Headquarters. His experience and achievements truly make him a man of contrasts. His many years of dedication have pronounced him an authority within the martial arts community, and suit him the prime candidate to create the martial arts encyclopedia - Home Video course of study and certification.

    The time and efforts of developing authoritative instructional products are nothing new to Grandmaster Cho. He has throughout his life developed many informative videos and books. The first training aide that Grandmaster Cho released to the public was the book - The Man of Contrasts. To follow were these texts: The Complete Martial Artist volumes I & II, The Complete Tae Kwon Do Hyung (ITF) volumes I, II& III, The Complete Master's Kick, The Complete Master's Jumping Kick, The Complete Tae Geuk Hyung (WTF), Black Belt Hyung WTF, and The Complete One & Three Step Sparring - a total of 11 educational texts - and the martial artists complete reference, 112-page AIMAA Student Handbook. Grandmaster Cho also produced over 40 videos preceding the release of the new Home Video series.

    Grandmaster Cho is renowned for his innovative style of training and teaching. - The Martial Art is a living art which constantly demands from the changes of its surroundings. It is necessary for one to remain flexible in both the body and mind in order to adapt. The Martial Arts provide physical, mental & spiritual exercise and the technical skill of self-defense & meditation. The demands of these exercises and skills continue to evolve throughout the centuries, and in fact, have changed dramatically just over the short span of my life. Tradition and innovation are statements that almost contradict each other, however, when both are upheld the possibilities are limitless. Remain true to the philosophical and basic technique roots of tradition and innovate to incorporate new positive developments of exercise and technique to create a complete system of training - this is what I have done² - Grandmaster Cho.

    The new Home Video series is an invaluable learning tool and provide a great and convenient opportunity to be tested by the best and most qualified martial artists under Grandmaster Cho. It was created to allow his teaching and philosophies to be spread infinitely throughout the world. All of the training techniques, methods, experience & knowledge have been documented within this series to create an ultimate encyclopedic reference.

    Section 5
    Grade Levels

    White Belt
    Yellow Belt
    Orange Belt
    Green Belt
    Blue Belt
    Purple Belt
    Brown Belt
    Red Belt
    1st Dan (Degree) Black Belt
    2nd Dan Black Belt
    3RD Dan Black Belt
    4th Dan Black Belt

    Section 6
    How To Join

    So you are now ready to join and take advantage of all the benefits as a member - CONGRATULATIONS!

    If you have taken the time to read through all the information contained within this package about the Home Study Program, you must be wondering how to, and how quickly you can begin your training with Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. All the necessary information is described below. If you have not yet had the chance and still have any questions please browse through the previous chapters or e-mail us at

    Below are the price rates, the length of time for each grading and the membership application. We have structured the video series into several levels for two reasons: first, the videos are specially prepared for each goal/belt level you would like to achieve - second, to save you significant amount of dollars! Please review the information below, check the appropriate program you choose to get started and submit the completed application with your payments to our World Headquarters. It is that easy - if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at your convenience!

    BEGINNER - Program A

    Belt Programs Video required Time for Goal Setting
    White Belt DVD # A1 & A2 2 Months
    Yellow Belt DVD # B 2 Months (from last grading)
    Orange Belt DVD # C 2-4 Months (from last grading)
    ***All 4 videos for only $140.00 (Home Study Member only)
    Buy It

    INTERMEDIATE - Program B

    Belt Programs Video required Time for Goal Setting
    Green Belt DVD # D1 & D2 2-4 Months (from last grading)
    Blue Belt DVD # E 2-4Months (from last grading)
    Purple Belt DVD # F1 & F2 2-4 Months (from last grading)
    ***All 5 videos for only $175.00 (Home Study Member only)
    Buy It

    ADVANCED - Program C

    Belt Programs Video required Time for Goal Setting
    Brown Belt DVD # G1 & G2 8 Months (from last grading)
    Red Belt DVD # H1 & H2 8 Months (from last grading)
    ***All 4 videos for only $140.00 (Home Study Member only)
    Buy It

    ADVANCED - Program D

    Belt Programs Video required Time for Goal Setting
    1st Dan Black Belt DVD # I1 & I2 24 Months (from last grading)
    2nd Dan Black Belt DVD # J 30 Months (from last grading)
    ***All 3 videos for only $105.00 (Home Study Member only)
    Buy It

    INSTRUCTOR - Program E

    Belt Programs Video required Time for Goal Setting
    3rd Dan Black Belt DVD # K1 & K2 36 Months (from last grading)
    4th Dan Black Belt DVD # L 48 Months (from last grading)
    ***All 3 videos for only $105.00 (Home Study Member only)
    Buy It

    Special Purchase
    For only $699.00 ... You will receive the entire set of 19 DVDs. Add shipping fee US: $29, Int'l: $49.
    Buy It
    Any Single DVD may be purchased for $59.00 each (until the end of 2012, DVDs are on sale for 20% off) at our online store!


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